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Bean Growers Australia are Australia's largest bean processors. Bean Growers Australia Logo We've been supplying Australian and overseas customers with top quality beans since 1964. Bean Growers Australia prides itself on handling the following pulse/bean crops: soybeans, adzuki beans, navy beans, mungbeans, chickpeas. We are also a major supplier of popcorn.


Over the last three seasons Bean Growers Australia has been undertaking two major projects in upgrading our internal handling and logistics and improving our premium value adding capability. The conveying system which will deliver product from the C-Silo and Bulk silo systems directly into the plant is now in the installation phase and is expected to be commissioned by the end of April 2013. This project will provide a higher level of automation of internal product logistics and will have direct initial and long term returns in terms of labour cost savings and plant efficiency. The first of two colour sorters in the value adding project has been installed and will be on line by mid April.

On completion of this project Bean Growers Australia will have 3600 t of new silo storage, doubled our polishing and colour-sorting capacity and an upgraded under-silo tubeveyor system.


The humble can of baked beans is well known as a quick, easy, nutritious snack but Australia's only canner of baked beans, SPC, has just released a modern day take on this good ol' favourite - the BIG Bean Bar.

Tradies test BIG Bean Bar

Launch of BIG Bean Bar

SPC Big Bean Bar Homepage

The new snack bar is a healthier snack than the traditional sausage roll, can be eaten on the run, and, most importantly, uses baked beans (ie navy beans) inside!

Of course, the most exciting aspect of this new release for Bean Growers Australia is that Aussie navy beans, supplied by Bean Growers Australia growers, are filling these new snacks!

Don't Forget our Good News!

B-Doubles delivering to Bean Growers Australia are now able to be split weighed, allowing for quicker and safer movements at the bridge!

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