Bean Growers Australia supplies soybeans to domestic & export/overseas customers in the full fat, flour & culinary markets. Bean Growers focuses on supplying consistent, high quality flour and culinary grade soybeans to our customers and encourage our growers to aim for these higher quality grades.

Bean Growers Australia applies the Grain Trade Australia standards to soybeans.

Growers supplying soybeans are paid on a clean, inward weight and are not charged bagging and grading charges.

Contracts to Supply Soybeans

Contracts to supply soybeans to Bean Growers Australia are available on a season by season basis.

For contract enquiries for the coming season please contact our team.

Growers please contact Andrew McDonald - 0409622318 (see Contact Us).

Preferred Soybean Varieties


  • well suited to high value domestic culinary markets - in high demand with food grade customers
  • currently the leading soybean variety in Queensland
  • clear hilum, large seed
  • high planting rate (~90 - 100 kg/ha)
  • more suited to earlier planting (mid November - Christmas)
  • less well understook agronomically than A6785


  • has traditionally been an good all-round proven performer.
  • tends to perform well anywhere south of the Tropic of Capricorn (Mackay) to Northern NSW
  • historically, was commonly grown in the Wide Bay region through to the Burnett & Darling Downs
  • performs well agronomically due to minimal lodging, weather tolerance, capacity to be high yielding, tolerates a wet harvest
  • planting time is region specific but tends to be from mid to late November through to early to mid January

Soya 791

  • very popular in the Burnett & Darling Downs regions (suitable for Wide Bay region if planted by mid November)
  • suitable for food grade markets (clear hilum)
  • less agronomically robust than A6785
  • limited planting window - plant by mid to late November
  • potential for high yields if well managed


  • relatively new to the market place and has been well received
  • large seed, clear hilum
  • large seed increases planting rate (~90 - 100 kg/ha)
  • Stuart is a coastal variety (Wide Bay to the Burdekin) that is well suited to a ‘late’ plant (ie January) on the Coast
  • good Soybean Rust tolerance
  • tends to lodge if planted too early
  • lower yield potential than A6785


  • new to the market
  • large seed, clear hilum
  • large seed increases planting rate (-90 – 100 kg/ha)
  • Southern Queensland, Coastal and Downs
  • Performs well in coastal cane rotations

Seed Availability

  • Bean Growers Australia has planting seed available for A6785, Soya 791, Bunya & Hayman 
  • Seed is available from 1 November
  • Order as soon as you decide to plant – orders for seed are strictly first in, best dressed
  • See For Growers for more information on ordering planting seed