Shareholder Information

Bean Growers Australia Limited is a public unlisted company limited by shares. There are 1,281,551 shares in Bean Growers Australia Limited.

Profit Warning:

The 2017 season has been the toughest on record for Bean Growers Australia. While it will be October before audited financial statements will be finalised, draft financial accounts are indicating that the Company will post an EBITDA loss of approximately $900,000 and a before tax loss of approximately $1.6 million dollars for the 2017 Financial Year.

The Bean Growers Australia Board of Directors will not declare a dividend based on the expected FY2017 loss. It is the Board’s opinion that Bean Growers Australia has a strong balance sheet and is in a strong financial position. However, the Board advise shareholders to obtain financial advice before buying or selling Bean Growers Australia Limited shares.


Shareholder Contact

Persons seeking additional information about shareholder matters should direct enquiries to Katrina Usher, Company Secretary, PO Box 328, Kingaroy Qld 4610, Phone: 07 4162 6120 Email:

Shareholder Forms

Shareholders can access the following forms relating to share trading of Bean Growers Australia shares: