Popping Corn

We Only Grow Corn That Pops
Unlike other corn producing companies, Bean Growers Australia only contracts and processes popping corn, with absolutely no other varieties of corn entering our system.  This assures that corn intended for milling (which will not pop) keeps out of your finished products

We “Supersize” Your Kernels
We use larger sieves when screening our pop corn to make sure you only get the best expansion rates.  The smaller kernels are diverted to birdseed manufacturers, who especially appreciate our food-grade standards.

We Colour Sort Every Line
In addition to our cleaning, de-stoning, and gravity cleaning we also run every line of popcorn through a colour sorting process as a final check for anything you would not want in your product.

We Diversify
We work with growers in several regions to produce different varieties, to ensure that in a regional weather event does not threaten supply.  We also carry butterfly and mushroom varieties from different seed lines to match the varying needs of pop corn poppers.

Food Safe, Quality and No GMO
Our HACCP and ISO 9001 certified practices ensures that our pop corn is food safe and of a high quality.  Using our Cretors Metric Volume Weight Tester we are able to test our popcorn at all stages of production.  As with all of our products, no raw material sourced by Bean Growers Australia is from material that has been altered using genetic engineering techniques.