Planting Seed QA Process

Planting good quality seed is an important first step in crop establishment and in producing a high quality, high yielding crop. Bean Growers Australia aims to supply high quality seed to our customers and uses a rigorous selection process to identify seed producers to supply us with quality seed in a range of commodities.

All seed crops are inspected in the production phase by a qualified independent seed inspector or a qualified agronomist. High quality, clean seed is used at planting, harvesting and storage machinery is carefully cleaned prior to use and all seed is segregated on receival using an identity preservation process.

Crops such as mungbeans and soybeans, which are covered by an industry seed certification process, are grown in accordance with industry guidelines.

How do I purchase planting seed from Bean Growers Australia?

Contact Lee Moller our Seed Specialist. Lee may be reached at or at (07) 4162 6112.