SPC launches new BIG Bean Bar and Pocket!

SPC launches new BIG Bean Bar and Pocket - a pastry pie filled with baked bean goodness...

THE humble baked bean has been transformed into a pastry-covered breakfast or snack, but does the Aussie public have the stomach for it?

The humble can of baked beans is well known as a quick, easy, nutritious snack but Australia's only canner of baked beans, SPC, has just released a modern day take on this good ol' favourite - the BIG Bean Bar.

The new snack bar is a healthier snack than the traditional sausage roll, can be eaten on the run, and, most importantly, uses baked beans (ie navy beans) inside!

Of course, the most exciting aspect of this new release for Bean Growers Australia is that Aussie navy beans, supplied by Bean Growers Australia growers, are filling these new snacks!


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Posted on February 11, 2014 .