Our Team

Lloyd Neilsen

- CEO & Export Manager


Lloyd Neilsen was appointed as CEO of Bean Growers Australia in 2008 after commencing in the role of Marketing Manager in 2001. Lloyd has more than 20 years experience in the Grains and Pulse industries and currently is on the Board of Soy Australia , and serves as the Chairman of the Australian Mungbean Management and Standards Committees.

Having grown up on the land, Lloyd considers the growers to be the foundation that Bean Growers Australia is built upon and is proactive in the development of grower products and services.

As manager of Export Sales, Lloyd is responsible for the development of the company’s international trade and risk management strategies and is actively developing relationships with customers in key geographic locations around the globe.

Lloyd attributes much of Bean Growers Australia’s success to being the direct supply chain link between growers and our export and domestic customers.

Lloyd is also a member of our Workplace Health and Safety Committee as well as our HACCP Team.

Christina Radcliffe-Smith

- Export Coordinator

E: cradcliffe@beangrowers.com.au 

Christina Radcliffe-Smith joined our Export Department in 2017. The Export Department is critical in ensuring that all importing country and customer requirements are met - a complex and highly detailed process.

Christina also works closely with the Product and Production departments to ensure that the appropriate products are available for shipping.


Grower Services Department

Lee Moller

Grower Service Representative - Seed Production Coordinator

P: 0407 034 021
E: lmoller@beangrowers.com.au

Lee Moller has been with the Bean Growers Australiasince 2010 and brings sixteen years of experience in farm management and crop production. Lee previously managed an irrigated, mixed cropping enterprise in Central Queensland, specialising in seed crop production.

This role saw Lee win the Inaugural National Australian Mungbean Association Grower of the Year Award for his excellence in Mungbean crop production and marketing. Lee has extensive experience with many crops including Mungbeans, Navy Beans, Black Eyed Peas, Millet, Pasture Grasses, Chickpeas and more.

Lee is also a member of our Workplace Health and Safety Committee as well as a member of the Australian Mungbean Association's Seed and R&D Technical Committees.


Troy Watterson

Grower Services Representative

P: (07) 4162 6110
M: (04) 0962 2318
E: twatterson@beangrowers.com.au

Troy Watterson has prior worked for Bean Growers Australia for eight years, and has twelve years or experience in the agricultural sector. Troy is currently working toward accreditation as a mungbean agronomist.

Troy provides on-farm commodity advice to growers, as well as over-the-phone support at every stage.



Kellie Dugdell

- Grower Services Officer

P: (07) 41 62 61 13
E: kdugdell@beangrowers.com.au

Kellie Dugdell joined Bean Growers Australia in 2017. Having started in our Product Department, Kellie moved into our Grower Services Department to provide support to our growers.


Sales & Product Department

Stuart Ruthven

- National Sales Manager

P: 0436 012 864 (Domestic Sales Enquiries) 
E: sruthven@beangrowers.com.au 

Having grown up on farms in the UK, Stuart gained a good knowledge and exposure to farming from a young age; based in the east of England, in the county of Suffolk. His family farmed mostly cereal crops and sugar beet, which was refined into sugar.

In March 2012 Stuart moved to Australia, with his wife Leigh, who is from Lismore, Northern NSW.

As a passionate and motivated sales professional Stuart has 12 years’ experience selling to the Wholesale, Grocery, Garden and Hardware Industries.  With his proven track record of continually exceeding sales revenue and profitability targets, as well as assisting clients in achieving business growth objectives Stuart is a great asset to our team.

Stuart has a BA (Hons) Business Degree, which he completed in England, and additionally he has taken on further professional qualifications such as; Key Account Management and professional presentation skills training.

Shane Lougheed

- Product Manager

P: (07) 41 62 11 00
E: slougheed@beangrowers.com.au

Since joining Bean Growers Australia in 2012, Shane Lougheed has applied his decades of experience in business management and systems design to create a food safety and quality assurance program that has received consistently high outcomes. As Product Manager Shane leads a team that matches our diverse range of products to customer expectations, from intake of raw materials through to delivery of packaged goods.

The Product Group includes Grower Services, product development, Customer Service, and food safety/ quality assurance.

Shane's family has been farming in the region for over a century, and he now lives on his family farm, which once grew corn, mungbeans, soy and navy beans.

Shane is also a member of the AMA Standards Committee as well as our Workplace Health and Safety Committee and HACCP Team.

Amanda Watterson

- Customer Service Supervisor

E: awatterson@beangrowers.com.au

Since joining Bean Growers Australia in 2007 Amanda Watterson has worked in various roles, all which contributed to her current position as Customer Service Supervisor.

Amanda oversees all aspects of customer service including order interpretation, contract management and working with the Product Manager to ensure that the correct products are matched to the customers specific requirements.

Leigh Glenwright

- Customer Service Officer

E: lglenwright@beangrowers.com.au

Leigh Glenwright joined us in 2017 after having worked in customer service and logistics administration for many years.

Leigh works with customers to ensure they receive product that is appropriate to their processing and delivery requirements.



Ashleigh Green

- Dispatch Operations Administrator

P: (07) 41 62 61 09
E: agreen@beangrowers.com.au

Since 2016 Ashleigh Green has been co-ordinating our dispatch operations working closely with our, sales group, logistics partners and dispatch operators.

Courtney Upton

- Food Safety and Quality Assurance Officer

P: (07) 41 62 61 17
E: cupton@beangrowers.com.au 

Courtney Upton joined Bean Growers Australia in 2016 after a career in compliance and safety.

Courtney oversees our Food Safety and Quality programs ensuring that our finished product matches or beats quality expectations while maintaining that all of our systems produces food that is safe as it is healthy. Courtney also leads our HACCP Team.


Jack Gibbs

- Food Safety & Quuality Assurance Operator

E: jgibbs@beangrowers.com.au

Jack Gibbs is an Authorized Officer of the Department of Agriculture, an accredited sampler, trained in HACCP and is a member of our HACCP Team.


Production Department

Peter Carstairs

- Production Manager

P: 0427 649 170
E: pcarstairs@beangrowers.com.au

Peter Carstairs joined Bean Growers Australia in 2009 and brings over 20 years of food manufacturing experience to his position as Production Manager.

Peter leads his team in all aspects of production from intake logistics to packaging and warehouse management.

Peter also acts as the Chairman of our Workplace Health and Safety Committee as well as directing our infrastructure engineering and preventative maintenance. Peter is an Authorized Officer of the Department of Agriculture and a member of our HACCP Team.

Luke Worrall

- Production Foreman

P: 0448 090 441

E: lworrall@beangrowers.com.au 

Luke Worrall, trained in Lean Manufacturing and HACCP, brings years of manufacturing experience to his role as Production Foreman. Luke oversees all aspect of production, providing guidance and oversight to our staff.

Mandy Evans

- Production Administrator

E: mevans@beangrowers.com.au


Andrew Gallimore

- Maintenance Foreman

E: agallimore@beangrowers.com.au

Andrew Gallimore leads our team of engineers to ensure our preventative maintenance and infrastructure development is results in the most efficient and safe use of our plant and equipment. Andrew brings decades of design experience to the role.

Andrew is also a member of our Workplace Health and Safety Committee and HACCP Team.

Nathan Shaw

- Pest Management Officer

E: nshaw@beangrowers.com.au

As a licensed Pest Technician Nathan Shaw oversees our pest management system. Nathan ensures that our program is effective and complies with all safety and regulatory requirements.


Finance & Administration

Anthony Baker

- Finance & Administration Manager

E: abaker@beangrowers.com.au


Katrina Usher

- Company Secretary and Payroll Officer

E: kusher@beangrowers.com.au



Rhonda Harvey

- Receptionist/Accounts Payable Clerk

E: rharvey@beangrowers.com.au