A Word From Our CEO

With our financial targets met in 2016 the Board have set about reinvesting in the business and several significant projects have been approved and some are already underway.

The first of these is the Shed 4 re-development. As well as recycling our Shed 4 bulk storage shed into a 250 pallet seed storage, this project also includes the extension of our workshop facility and construction of 8 x 130mt GrainMaster silos to add over 1,000tonnes of sealed bulk storage to our stable. (Now totalling over 11,000tonnes) The GrainMaster silos include fully automated aeration and reticulated fumigation systems. An all-weather unloading surface will also be constructed.

Strategic improvement to our load-out facilities will see substantial extensions to both our domestic loading facility (Shed 6) and export loading facility (Shed 2) and will improve load-out efficiency as well as ensure all our product is protected from the elements during transfer.

Final Board approval has been given to our Colour Sorter upgrade project. We are currently in negotiation with Buhler Sortex Limited (UK) for the purchase of 2 new Sortex A5 MultiVision Optical Sorters. These are the largest and most accurate of their colour sorter range. The MultiVision sorter literally adds another dimension to our sorting capability with 4 camera angles instead of the 2 on our current sorters. One of these cameras will have infrared capability for material that is difficult to see in the colour spectrum. Linked with Buhler’s latest shape technology algorithm Bean Growers Australia will have the best sorting technology currently available. Our current colour sorters are scheduled for an upgrade and will be moved to a facility built for Plant 1. On completion, this project will give us outstanding capacity and quality and enable us to colour sort 100% of our production.

From the CEO’s perspective, I am appreciative of the investment the Board has made in our infrastructure. The projects have been well planned and enhance existing systems and infrastructure. This investment will return value to the business as well as all the Bean Grower stakeholders for many years to come.

Lloyd Neilsen

CEO & Manager of Exports
Bean Growers Australia