Adzuki Beans

Bean Growers Australia supplies Adzuki Beans primarily to export/overseas customers in the No. 1 and No. 2 grades. Bean Growers focuses on supplying consistent, high quality Adzuki Beans to our customers and encourage our growers to aim for high quality beans.

Bean Growers Australia applies the export standards to Adzuki Beans.

Growers supplying Adzuki Beans are paid on a clean, inward weight less bagging and grading charges. Growers are normally not charging for polishing and colour sorting.

Contracts to Supply Adzuki Beans

For contract enquiries for the coming season please contact our team.

Growers please contact Grower Services:

Phone: 07 4162 1100.

Preferred Adzuki Bean Varieties


  • preferred variety for Bean Growers Australia customers
  • grown from Northern NSW to the North Burnett region
  • performs best under irrigation
  • Adzuki Beans require a moderate to high level of agronomic management. 

Seed Availability

  • Bean Growers Australia has planting seed available for Erimo
  • Seed is avail from your nearest reseller
  • Order as soon as you decide to plant – orders for seed are strictly first in, best dressed
  • See For Growers for more information on ordering planting seed